When we know the basics, we do every day 15 minutes prayer after the Sungreeting

We first sit silent, just be, and open yourself to the Divine, God, Jesus, Mary, Allah. Then go over the events of the day, or night, and try to see how the Divine is at work through these events. What does He try to tell you? This is the aspect of meditation within prayer, the listening aspect. After this you can start talking to and with the Divine, and ask Him by the end for more guidance in your life. One can find online guided daily prayers, or join a religious community nearby, to support your daily exercise. Last, surrender to what the Divine is telling through these events, and be thankful for whatever comes on your path.

Guided prayer : https://clicktopray.org/

(Click To Pray is the app of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (including the Eucharistic Youth Movement). The app connects you with thousands of people who, in all the continents, are praying every day for the challenges of humanity and for the mission of the Church as the Pope proposes in his monthly prayer intentions. Pray, live and build a world which tastes of the Gospel. Give meaning to our live and put you prayer into action.)